No Bubbles!!!

Subject: No Bubbles!!!

> > I'm not at all sure that high phosphate levels would slow
> > photosynthesis though, so there is probabl also a deficiency o
> > some sort as well.
> I tend to agree with you here.  That's what is so frustrating.  
> is that once the PO4 removing resin was used and PO4 began to de
> photosynthesis began again.  As I was careful to use the Dupla
> fertilizing system (including Duplagan), could the excess PO4 ha
> binding with some vital nutrient and making it unavailable?

I know that Dupla suggests adding more DuplaPlant 24 if ypur 
phosphate level is too high, as the iron will bind up the 
phosphate.  Perhaps high phosphate levels could make the iron 
completely unavailable?

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA