Homemade feeding ring, water changers

At last!  Questions I can answer and NOT start a controversy!  :-)

Super cheap, effective feeding ring:
 Cut the top off of a styrofoam cup, float the nice neat circle of styrofoam
you just cut from the cup wherever you wish in your aquarium. If you have a
Ginzu knife (PLEASE, no flames!! :-)) you can cut quite a number of almost
free feeding rings of slowly decreasing diameters from one cup.

If you ever want to breed bubble-nest builders, you can cut the cup in two,
vertically, and float a cup half in the breeding tank.  They almost always
build their nest of bubbles in the cup half!

Now, for the automatic water changers.  Hmmmm.  Unless they have changed the
design, it DOES have a venturi device built right into the gadget that clamps
onto the tank, and it DOES suck water out and "blow" it down the exhaust
tube.  At least, MINE does that.  :-)   A LOT more water goes through the
device than is squirted into your fish tank.  I generally drop the exhaust
tube end in the toilet, as that can handle the water with no problems, and I
have mine extended by 20 extra feet of dual hose.  I found it tended to suck
more water out than I wanted, unless I removed the little screen, because the
screen would completely close off due to surface tension, and act like a
tube, not a screen. 

Have a pleasant weekend, everybody!