Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #381

>>but for now, I 
would merely like to get a concensus of opinion on a book that I was told 
>>about.  The book is called, -Nature Aquarium World- by Takashi Amano.

I have seen the first volume and it is fantastic ! Amano also has two new volumes out under the
same title. I ordered all three books from Mary Ellen Sweeney for bargain prices and so far have only
recieved vol. 2 & 3. Volume one is back ordered.You can reach her at 908-219-9118.

Prices were:
	Vol I  26.95    one of my LFS had it for $45.00  (Fountain's , I'm from San Diego too.)
	Vol II 23.95    Mini Plant Tanks to Medium Size
	Vol III 17.95   Medium to Giant Plant Tanks   (largest was something like 18 Feet Long )

These books certainly give you a new way of looking at Planted Tanks.

//Larry Swearingen