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Dear Karen:

> I think that's entirely possible, particulary considering your
> very high light level.  It could be from the added fish load (15
> fish, even tetras, is a lot in a 10G tank) or it could be from the
> power sand.  I know from the ADA literature that this contains
> organics, and I know they say to expect algae in the early period
> of the tank.  That's why they suggest stocking the tank with large
> numbers of algae eating shrimp in the beginning.  How long was the
> tank running before the algae problems began?

You're quite right about both points.  Specifically, I used Power Sand
Special, specifically for cryptocorynes and echinodorous or plants that
take most of their nutrients from the roots.  Its base material is
pumice stone with additions of peat, and other minerals and nutrients.

This may very well be the source, as I am very careful about feedings
and diligently change the water every weekend.
> I'm not at all sure that high phosphate levels would slow
> photosynthesis though, so there is probabl also a deficiency of
> some sort as well.

I tend to agree with you here.  That's what is so frustrating.  The fact
is that once the PO4 removing resin was used and PO4 began to decrease,
photosynthesis began again.  As I was careful to use the Dupla
fertilizing system (including Duplagan), could the excess PO4 have been
binding with some vital nutrient and making it unavailable?

Art Giacosa
Miami, Florida