Re: Automatic Aquarium Water Changer vs Python (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 07:10:21 -0800
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Subject: Re: Automatic Aquarium Water Changer vs Python

>In general, and for a larger tank (not a bowl or 10-gallon), you can safely
>add water directly from the tap without changing pH or temp in the tank if
>you're making up to a 25% change. You can mix hot and cold water at the tap
>to reach the right temp too.
>The Automatic Water Changer has the advantage of adding water very slowly
>through a fine spray. The spray lets a lot of chlorine escape into the air.
>The device's disadvantage is that it has no venturi action (which the
>Python has) to suck water out of the tank; you must rely on gravity.


You're wrong on the "no venturi action"!  The Automatic Aquarium Water
Changer actually works on the venturi principal and removes the same
amount of water that it puts in the aquarium.  It will pump "uphill", but
it is not recommended for safety (if the venturi should get clogged, you 
would then have the possibility of an overflow).  Actually, that is why
the company put an inline filter on the unit so that the venturi remains
clean and protected.

Both pieces of equipment are good, but they are for different purposes.
You can enjoy your aquarium while water is being changed with the
Automatic Aquarium Water Changer.

Best wishes for the coming Holiday Season.