Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #382

>The Automatic Water changer works by the principle that chlorine is 
>very unstable in water.  As the fine jet of water hits the surface, 
>causing turbulence, the chlorine is broken down, no longer to be found 
>present as chlorine. 
>This is nonsense.  To remove the elemental chlorine put in
>water, you need a reducing agent.  Turbulence will do nothing.

I am no expert, but, having spoken to those who profess to be so, this
theory isn't nonsense at all, but works.   Chlorine is unstable in water
and the turbulence caused by the fine jet of water breaks it down (I did
know what it breaks it down to, but I can't bother recalling).

>Small tanks have lots of reducing agents in them - fish, plants, fish
poop, algae.

The tanks the tests were performed in were bare and empty, and were
deliberately small so that if there were a reading to be had from
testing water changed with this apparatus, the likelihood of
detecting it would be much higher.

While willing to bow to superior knowledge of anyone, I haven't got time
to argue this one out.  Call Aquarium Products on 410 761 2100 if
you'd like to do so.  My testimony is that it has changed 50% of my 75gal
almost daily for the last 6 months without a single positive chlorine
test, and in which discus and plants have thrived.

Have fun.

nickedmunds at juno_com