Amano book


>, I 
>would merely like to get a concensus of opinion on a book that I was told 
>about.  The book is called, -Nature Aquarium World- by Takashi Amano.  I 
>will look forward to any reviews.

Great book....Info is lacking somewhat but general ideas are there.  Main
thing I like about the Amano book is that instead of simply stuffing plants
into a tank, he employs a certain artistry in arrangement.  The tanks that I
like (and perhaps this is simply me), are rather bare in plants (compared to
some other tanks), but use driftwood, terracing, and rockwork to create a
sense of flow.  Anyway, don't buy the book if you want something to give you
a practical guide to keeping plants; if you like artwork and need some ideas
on arrangement, however, this is the book for you.