Re: Chlorine

> From: nickedmunds at juno_com
> Subject: Re: Automatic Water Changer vs Python Syphon
> The Automatic Water changer works by the principle that chlorine is very
> unstable in water.  As the fine jet of water hits the surface, causing
> turbulence, the chlorine is broken down, no longer to be found present
> as chlorine. 

	This is nonsense.  To remove the elemental chlorine put in
water, you need a reducing agent.  Turbulence will do nothing.

> In testing the product, they went for 48 hours on smal
> tanks and then tested for chlorine and none was found.

	I'm not surprised.  Small tanks have lots of reducing agents
in them - fish, plants, fish poop, algae.  The question is:- Does
the chlorine damage the fish significantly before it is gone?
I would think that planted tanks would be much better, as the plants 
should take most of the damage from what is, after all, very
corrosive stuff!

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada

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