Re: Storing R/O Water

> 2.  Has anyone figured out how to store RO water from the unit in a
> different tank than what comes with the unit??  Mine currently has a 2g tank
> which is NOT enough for water changes and such.

My R/O unit doesn't have one of the storage container (I assume that
your's is mounted under the sink, out of sight). I mounted mine on the
wall, close to the sink (yes, I know they're ugly but I figured that I
would make the sacrifice for the sake of my fish). The R/O water runs
into a spare 15G aquarium that is placed in the hard to get at corner of
the counter. I keep a small pump (Ehiem) handy to quickly move the water
out of the tank into a large "Rubbermaid" plastic storage container
which I keep under the counter. It holds about 50l and cost me less that
$10.00. If I wanted to be REALLY efficient I could drill a hole through
the countertop and have the water run directly into the Rubbermaid
container, but I rent an apartment and my landlord would flip if I did
that. Moving the pump into the storage container allows me to make
waterchanges in my aquariums without having to carry buckets - I just
attach a long piece of plastic hose to the outflow stem of the pump.

James Purchase
jpp at inforamp_net