Copper and Water Changers

Subject: Copper as snail killer

> 	Since copper is such a good snail eradicator, I was 
> whether anyone has experimented using diluted solutions of say C
> as a plant dip, or even intoduced low levels of copper directly 
> aquarium.  

I have asked the same question as far as a dip is concerned.  I 
can tell you from personal experience, that low levels off copper 
in a tank _do_ keep snails from gaining a foot hold. (and Hydra, 
and  "Ich", and any other invertebrates)  It also kills or iat 
least inhibits many types of algae.  The down side is that even at 
low levels it is also deadly to some fish, (Botias and Rainbows 
among others) and plants. (Valisneria, Sag, and Ludwigia all come 
to mind)  

My feeling is, if you _have_ copper in your tap water, learn to 
work around it, and take comfort in the benefits you enjoy.  But I 
would never purposely add it to a tank.

Subject: automatic or python water changes

> I, too have questions about water changes with these methods. I'
> use a python to both take out and add water but if one does that
> you prevent chlorinated water from getting into the aquarium? If
> the tap water is a lot different than that of the aquarium, how 
> adjust that? What do people who use these do?

Put you dechlorinator directly into the tank before you add the 
tap water.  If you pH is significantly different, change smaller 
amounts of water more often.


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA