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Hi Jonathan in rainy Maryland:

Thanks for replying with your thoughts.  You're quite right, I failed to
give you some further info.

I have three ottos along with the neons.  I like the effect of this many
fish in a 10 gallon.  Also, as my wife is not a plant enthusiast, it
justifies the tank (wouldn't be a real fish tank is there are no fish).

I am careful not to overfeed.  I use Hikari granulated food and a
feeding ring.  This allows me to monitor food consumption.

I use distilled water with Duplagan only.  I use the Dupla fertilizing
system and monitor the Fe closely.  In fact, I don't fertilize at all
during the first month of the tank's operation.  Consequently,
overfertilizing should not be the cause.


Since my post, I added Aqualine Buschke's Antiphos to the filter. 
Within 24 hours the BUBBLES were back!  I tested PO4 and found it to be
in the high range of my PO4 (low range) test kit.  As I suspected, it
was giving me a false reading originally.

What I suspect happened is just what Amano says is the most dangerous
time for a planted tank.  When plants grown emersed are placed in a
submersed environment, they lose their ariel leaves.  The decaying
leaves cause eutrophication of the water.

In such a small tank that is heavily planted [that's plants over 95% of
substrate for the person who asked about "heavily planted"] it is very
difficult to pull out all decaying leaves.  When I added my usual
fertilizer, the PO4 must have shot up.  Interestingly, I still register
nil on the nitrate.

Thanks again,

Art in unseasonably cool (75F) Miami