Kent vs PMDD

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Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 12:46:26 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: Kent vs PMDD
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Jeff & Denise Dietsch <dietsch at voicenet_com> Wrote: 

<<<<<<Subject: Kent vs PMDD
How does Kent Freshwater Plant Micronutrient Supplement with Iron
and/combined with Aquarium Products Flora boost compare to PMDD?>>>>>>>

I had a similar problem, since it took a while for me to find a source of
microelements for PMDD and once I got it I decided to first finish a 300 (or
so) ml bottle of the Kent product. I however used it as a temporary source
of microelements for PMDD, and I never used Flora Boost. After several
months from the switch, my subjective, uncontrolled impression is that in my
water conditions the "true" PMDD somewhat improved plant growth, say ~ 15% 
in plant (Echinodorus sp.) length and number of leaves.  Cost  and unknown
content considerations excluded, I would say that the Kent product is OK,
but better options are also available.