Copper as snail killer

	Since copper is such a good snail eradicator, I was wondering
whether anyone has experimented using diluted solutions of say CopperSafe
as a plant dip, or even intoduced low levels of copper directly into the
aquarium.  I was thinking of ttrying the latter in my existing systems.
On teh one hand, I don't like intoducing low levels of medication into my
tanks, since for one thing it can lead to resistance strains.  On the
other hand, I never use copper as a med, so that's perhaps not a great
concern.  After all, certain water supplies have low levels of copper, and
I would imagine the snail populations of tanks in such places (e.g.
Vancouver B.C.) is not too large. (Steve?).  So, what do people think of
using something like CopperSafe at say 1/10th strength in the tank, or
say, 1/5th strength as a dip.?


Botias and Kribs are not an option for various reasons, though they would
be my first "natural" choice for snail control/patrol. :-).