No Bubbles

Art Giacosa wrote in about his 10 gallon tank that seems to be out of balance:

Hi Art:

You don't specify what kind of tetras they are, but even 15 neons in
a 10 gallon tank might be too many if you have other fish in there, or
you could be overfeeding and/or overfertilizing.  This seems the most likely

It might also be that perhaps the addition of the fish have nothing to
do with your plant crash.  Maybe the quality of your tap water has
changed (if that's what you are using for your water changes).  Here
in the Washington DC area we have seasonal variations in our water
supply with phosphates and nitrates tending to be higher in the
winter.  In combination with additional lighting, no CO2, and a small
plant load, this was one of the principal reasons for my red algae
infestation last year (see my post in APD V2#376).

Good luck,
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