Tall tank

-----Sparrow asks (or states)-----
<< Another idea for building in the tank is ordinary potter's clay, shaped
into a
 multi-layer grotto and fired in the oven, any thoughts or caveats? >>
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Spug (Sparrow) London, UK.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I used some plastic flower pots, with their bottoms glued together, then
I glued lava rock all over the surface.  This gave me a very light terracing
effect at a cost of about 3$ (I'm a lazy American, you'll have to do your own
conversions)  I cut some holes in the plastic pots to give the fish a place
to hide, and I glued a piece of an old UGF plate on top.  The glue was GE
Household silicon (read the labels for safety)
     It all works rather well and you can also glue some gravel to the
structure to integrate it into your tank more completely.  I've found that
silicon is the best thing for cheapskates like myself.
       Tony Thorpe