Re: plant purchase


I used to live near North Olmsted back when I was a budding aquatic plant
enthusiast : )
On occasion I used to shop at a place in North Olmsted called the
'Aquarium', at least I think that was the name.  It was a small shop with
some common but very healthy types of fish, a small selection of equipment,
and a full greenhouse with row upon row of troughs full of aquatic plants.
Unfortunately, about 3 - 4 years ago it closed.  The owner was elderly so
maybe he retired or something.  I too miss that place quite a bit.  Anyway,
this may explain why your mail did not go through.

Cindy in rainy South Bend

>From: Francis Ngoh <fngoh at asic_sc.ti.com>
>Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 07:57:14 -0600 (CST)
>Subject: Plants purchase
>Has anyone mail-ordered or store-ordered plants from the North
>Olmstead Aquarium (in North Olmstead, Ohio) lately or ever?  I used to
>order plants from them about 6 years ago.