Re: Automatic Water Changers

From: Jonathan_Kirschner at Energetics_com (Jonathan Kirschner)

> I have been getting adventurous lately and trying to find the right
> proportions of tap water to DI, which brings me to my question.  I am
> planning my next tank already.  I am still uncertain of the size but
> you can be sure it will be big enough to necessitate the use of at
> least some tap water during water changes.

I don't know what size tank you're considering, but I think you'll outgrow
that TWP pretty quick.  Those things get expensive to operate.  You might
want to consider looking into an RO unit.  They can have a high initial
cost (depending on the size you buy) but I bought my Spectrapure CSP50DI
over a year ago and I have only had to replace the DI cartridge ($20).  The
RO membrane has a lifespan in years so I don't expect to replace it anytime