E-mail survey

Hi.  I was wondering if you could take a few minutes and complete this 
survey.  I'm trying to incorporate topics of interest to freshwater 
aquarists in my column in AFQ.  Please reply only to cbingman at netcom_com

Please do not flood the list with replies.  Even if your reply sounds a lot 
like bragging.  :0

1.  What product or chemical do you use as a "buffer" in your aquarium?

2.  Do you use RO water?  How do you treat the water for water exchanges?

3.  What iron concentration do you target in your aquarium?

4.  How do you measure the iron concentration?

5.  What trace element supplement do you use?  If you use a commercial
    preparation, do you add other chemicals as well?

6.  Do you add amendments (additional chemicals) to your tap water
    before you add it to your aquarium? (omitting dechlorinators.)

7.  What aquarium magazines do you read?

8.  What chemical descriptors (total alkalinity, general hardness, CO2, pH,
    nutrients, etc.) do you follow in your aquarium?  How often do you test?

9.  What (if any) electronic monitoring devices or controllers are on
    your aquarium? (pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, etc.)

10. Do you use CO2 injection on your aquarium?

11. Do you use activated carbon on your aquarium?

12. What is the nitrate concentration in your aquarium?

13. Do you have problems with unwanted algal growth?

14.  What is the phosphate concentration in your planted aquarium?

Please respond by e-mail only to cbingman at netcom_com.  Please do not
respond to the list.  Do not hit "reply," do not pass go.  ;)

Thanks for your time.