Re: How to Increase Light Levels (long)

Hi Andi,

If I were you, I would go shopping for lights in lighting supplies
stores. The HQL and HQI are much less expensive there and you have
a much wider selection. Philips and Osrams mamufacture bulbs as well
as fixtures.   Some of these fixtures are design for outdoor use
and so should be able to stand the humid environment sbove the
aquarium.  Osram even sells electronic ballasts (powerstar) for
metal halide lamps which reduces the power consumption and heat
generation.  I think you should be able to find it in Muenchen.
The Dupla stuffs are way overpriced, IMHO.  Their offerings are
simply OEM stuffs with inflated price tags.


Shing Lam <shlam at eee_hku.hk>