Rena's Heating Cable

   The majority of the people on this list seem to be interested in a less
expensive alternative to Dupla's heating cable.  Well, Rena has manufactured
a simple but high quality heating cable for fish, plants, and reptiles far a
few years and after all, how complicated does a heating cable need to be?
 Their cable comes in 25 and 50 watt units and consists of a single line that
comes from a wall outlet ( or thermistat if you want to add one) and then
splits into a closed loop.  In order to keep the cable in the desired
location someone gave me the idea to cut a piece of filter wool/floss
(available at your local Walmart as layered Poly-fill or pillow batting) the
size and shape of the bottom of the aquarium, lay the cable down on it with
the desired shape and spacing the secure it with small plastic zip ties that
go around the cable and into and out of the filter floss.  Lay this on the
the bottom of the aquarium then cover with gravel. Instead of floss, you
could also use an old undergravel filter plate.  They can be order by your
local aquarium store directly from Rena.  The retail cost is on the order of
fifty dollars for the 50 watt cable and 30 dollars for the 25 watt.  I highly
doubt it, but you might be able to call Rena direct and get wholesale prices
which would be about half the cost.
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