Re: Simple planted tanks


Although low cost is always a good thing (unless you work for the Civil
Service!), that wasn't the prime motivation to my posting. Rather, how can
we make a stable, long lasting planted aquarium available to newcomers to
the hobby?

For myself, I recommend these:

(1) Good lighting: As Thomas Price <tprice at u_washington.edu> states, the
more is often the better. I find Triton branded strips to be ideal and good
value. Reflectors are a plus, but painting the hood white on the inside is
as effective.

(2) Substrate: Silver sand, pea gravel and laterite do fine. Sand and grave
can be gotten from garden stores. Laterite is expensive, any alternatives?
The pottery laterite sounds fascinating. Potting compost seems useful too,
providing it is well covered in sand. I use an undertank heating mat.

(3) Get good plants to start off with. Ones that adapt to the local
conditions, don't need CO2 injectors, and multiply quickly. Any
contributions to a list of good HARD water plants?

All the best,



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