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Subject: Re: Laterite
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>Subject: RE: Illegal laterite -an Aussie perspective
>Just a note regarding the laterite notes coming out of the US at
>present, there has always been a cordon on Dupla laterite being
>imported into Australia, so Dupla digs the stuff up locally in the 
>Northen Territory. Australia is close enough to the equator to
>be tropical enough for laterite to occur, it seems strange to me
>that other aquarium suppliers don't do the same and market a
>similar product more reasonably priced, as the Dupla stuff is
>in the order of AU$35.00 for a kilogram. 

The note inside the Aussie laterite says that local customs laws will not
permit soil from the usual Dupla source - India possibly? I can't remember.

I live in a little town called Middlemount, Central Queensland, Australia.  I
dig up my own PML (Poor Man's Laterite) by the side of the road.  In fact, the
kind Main Roads department dig it up for me and put it in big piles for future
road workings!

It's extremely bright red.  I've left it in a bucket of water for a couple of
days and taken Iron readings - they were very high.  I also tested for
Phosphate but found none.  I don't have any other kits so I can't tell you
anymore about it, except that I put about an inch of the stuff in the bottom of
a small test tank and my plants grow very well, without any lighting except
what comes in through the window.

I also can get petrified wood by the bucket load - it looks very nice in my

Who said you couldn't keep an aquarium out in the bush?

Steve Amor
Steven.S.Amor at Shell_otc.au