Laterite shortage and Dupla rep

I tried calling J.P. Burleson, Inc. In Frederick, Maryland since this is
in my neck of the woods.  They are listed on the Dupla homepage as
being their U.S. representative.  I am getting concerned since
reading Cindy Cua's posting that Pet Warehouse will no longer ship
laterite.  They were my source and I am sure the source of choice
for a great many subscribers.  Anyway, I was unable to contact a
salesperson, but will continue trying.  However, I did get a recording
saying that for $3.00 you can obtain their catalog.  The address
(which differs from the one given on the Dupla homepage) is as

J.P. Burleson, Inc.
P.O. Box 32
Frederick, MD 21705-0032

phone: (301) 846-4800
fax: (301) 694-6414

I do have a small bag of Karl Schoeler's "Substrate Gold" nuggets
which I purchased from the Aquarium Center In Baltimore.   Can
they be pulverized and used as ersatz laterite?