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Sub:   Re: Current Dupla Research - Claus Christensen, Tropica Denmark

I have followed the discussion on this aquatic-plants mailing lists about
the "Re: Current Dupla Research"=20

I want to tell a little about how I look at it, as European aquarist
(aquarium keeper)  and today as professional in the aquarium business!

I do not write this, because people behind Dupla are my friends today! I do
it while I as aquarist in Europe know that they have done for us as aquarium
plants tank keepers.

When I was a young aquarist, for 30 years ago, (nearly) all technology and
chemistry products for aquariums, was made for keeping (too many) fish in
the tanks!

Trough Horst Kipper and Kaspar Horst=92s articles in the aquarium magazines=
learned about that the only way to supply aquarium plants with iron (Fe) was
to use it in chelated  form. They introduced Fe-EDTA as aquarium plant iron
fertiliser. Also about how important CO2 is for aquarium plants and how to
add it to the thanks.

Kaspar Horst was the promoter of the first aquarium plant society in Europe
(maybe in the world). He was editor many years for Aqua Planta, a now 25
year old aquarium plant magazine. It is still one of the worlds best sources
to knowledge about water plants.=20

At this time (and they still do) they travelled trough tropical water
systems and brought back complete new knowledge about aquatic plants natural
habitats and chemistry. They have published hundreds of single test results
and reports from their travels to different countries. It is still a
valuable source to knowledge for me!

Later when they started their business first in Helena and later Dupla, they
made for the first time possible to bye equipment to maintain a beautiful
plant tank! Specially a very good CO2 system!
They also introduced the use of tropical laterite with a high iron content.

I the first eighties when I joint Tropica Aquarium Plants in Denmark we
started to use the Dupla equipment, both for analyses and regulation. Today
it is still a part of the equipment we use!

Between many useful test Dupla made the first inexpensive and accurate CO2
tests for aquarium use.

Trough the years Dupla have developed a lot of other good techniques, also
the last 10 years.
Just some of the things there have been important for me:
=B7 Light system that reintroduce the open aquarium gives it a new=
the possibility for the amphibious plants to grow both in and above the
water and the use of floating plants.
=B7 Analogous measuring instrument changed to digitally instruments with the
possibility connecting to an Aquarium computer.
=B7 The first granulated fish food for aquarium in Europe

I am sure that there are other new products! I think there is more under
way, and with there "German precision" it takes time:)

Do not blame Dupla that it is more simple for other companies to make
similar products cheaper - but also later! They do not have the same
research expenses!
As a professional developer of plants for aquarium hobbyists, I know it is
very expensive to make new ideas and products available.

For whom thinking Dupla is too expensive and only for the very rich people
can I recommend the reading of Kaspar Horst=92s book "My First Aquarium". It
is a good book where he also introduces the "medi-line" equipment, and it is
not very expensive!
You can find information about it on the Dupla home-page
http://www.dupla.com  under http://www.dupla.com/e015.htm

I am also sorry, that the magazine "Aquarium Heute" is not available in
English language more! They use some of my articles :) Please help me
pushing them on this subject :)

If I just not do understand the US humour in some of the mails about this
subject, I will have the possibility to come and learn about it! I am going
to the 22nd Annual Convention for "The Northeast Council of Aquarium
Societies" as a speaker. April 11-13, 1997 Connecticut. (
http://www.cadvision.com/nolimits/nec.html  )

Claus Christensen

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