Re: other sources of laterite

I have ordered in the past from Laguna Art Clay.  They have a red clay
that they sell as laterite.  I subsequently used this in my 45 high and
have used it in 20g and 30g tanks, as well.  The growth in the 45 has been
great for the E. bleheri, E. tenellus, E. radicans "Marble queen",
lilleaopsis, several varieties of Val, and Caboma.  The E. bleheri filled
half the tank (like an 18" cube) prior to thinning.  I've had less luck in
the other tanks, trying to grow crypts.  In the 20, however, I finally
achieved good growth after  reducing the phosphates, which were quite
high.  The 30 has been set up for about 2 months, growing crypts, and the
jury is still out.

Anyway, Laguna's phone # is 1-800-4LAGUNA.  When I ordered from them last
year, they chaged me about $20 for #20 of clay.

 Good luck
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