Re: Spider Mites on Water Hyacynth

>From: Mike Bernardoni <mikeb at pso_siu.edu>
>Hello,  I am overwintering some Water Hyacynths(almost 2-months and 
>counting).  They are now covered with spider mites (must have had a 
>few when I brought them in and have multiplied(under moist, warm, and 
>humid conditions).  What would anyone suggest to get rid of the 
>mites?  Would bleach dip work??  If so what was the bleach to water 
>formula? Would pottasium permagenate solution work???  I thought 
>rinsing them off well when I brought them inside would work but I 
>thought wrong!!    Thanks Mike B.

Mmmmm, this sounds like a pest that might be great in a killifish tank.
The water hyacinth would provide the spawning mop for the killies, and the
fish would literally jump out of the water to pick the bugs off of the
plants (maybe).

David Webb in sunny Dallas, TX.