Ice Melting Salt

Let me update my recent post on "Ice Melting Salt."  Thus far, out of 7
different brands of stuff labeled and sold as "Ice Melting Salt," every one I
checked has been "Potassium Chloride."  That is, of course, down here in
central Iowa.  Sodium Chloride is common table salt, and yes, SOMETIMES it is
also used as Ice Melting Salt.  Calcium Chloride has been known to appear,
but it usually does not work very well.  I have not personally seen Urea
bagged and sold to melt ice, but it certainly seems possible.  Urea breaks
down to fertilizer, primarily N. 

The advantage of Potassium Chloride is first, it is not nearly so destructive
to concrete as Sodium Chloride, and second, it is not nearly as toxic to
plants as Sodium Chloride.  The salt you sprinkle on the ice on your sidewalk
ends up in the soil at the edge of your sidewalk, so plant toxicity is
something to consider. 

Guess they sell different stuff up in Canada, hey?  

So - - - - best to check the label on the bag!  :-)