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> From: Sparrow <spug at intlog_demon.co.uk>
> Subject: Chloride
> I recently received a water report from my supplier, after reading advice here
> and elsewhere to find out whether chlorine or chloramines were present. the
> report said instead "Chloride as Cl 46mg/l" I continued to age/boil the water
> until I spotted an advert for a sea water additve which contains Chloride. Is my

	There is a difference between chloride and chlorine in the water.
If you treat chlorine (or chloramine), you change it to chloride (Cl-)
and it is then not a problem (unless there is _lots_ of it) in the tank.
However, when you get the water from the tap, it will almost certainly
have chlorine/chloramine in it, _along_ with the 46 ppm Cl-, so treating it
would probably be wise.

> tap water safe for the tank, or do I need to treat?
> I also note that the water contains 38mg/l nitrate, and 0.076mg/l nitrite. Do I
> have to worry about these amounts?

	You are getting up towards the limit for human consumption (about
50 ppm), but it isn't likely to cause a big problem in your aquarium.
You just don't need to _add_ nitrate!  You may not need much (any)
potassium either, how much of that is there?

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