Re: Re: Needle Valves

> From: Pat Bowerman <bowerman at specent_com>
> Date: Mon, 04 Dec 1995 20:07:23 -0800
> OK, here goes, I'm about to disagree with George Booth.

OOOoooooo, I'm gonna get you now <g>

> Hmmm....I don't know about that George. I called both places and
> neither was very enthusiastic about selling me a valve.

Just reporting what other folks have told me.  Maybe you don't come
across very well over the phone?  <g>

> Hmmm....I don't know about this one either George. I just bought one,
> and yep, it's a model NO1.

Well, that just proves that you can't trust anything you read on the
net.  <g>

> It's black, and has NO1 lettered on it. I haven't gotten a chance to
> try it yet, but since I already have the NuPro model, stay tuned for
> an exciting head to head comparison.

Been there, done that.  Not very exciting.  The NO1 seems *very*
sensitive to temperature variations, especially when adjusted for very
slow rates. 

Oh, and how about adding the ARO phone number and the number of the
local distributor (in case other readers are in your area). 

> FWIW, to folks trying to build their own CO2 system, I would recommend
> a solenoid. It's cheap ($20 or so) and it is a snap to install.

Ummm, Pat, you forgot something.  What is a recommended brand and model
number and WHERE CAN I GET ONE?  I'm sure other folks would want to know.