CO2 Regulator and Test Kits

Subject: CO2 regulator

>  The regulator you purchased must be defective. A bubble a minut
> be within the bounds of any regulator without freezing up. 

Not so.  MOST regulators can't drop the pressure this low.  That's 
why a needle valve is necessary to fine tune the flow.


 Subject: Test Kit Ranking...
> I was planning to buy some test kits to be able to control bette
> chemical aspects of the water,<snip> Anyway, what I wa
> was that if anybody had already tried with more than one brand h
> share his conclusions.

I use several Tetra kits that I like including KH, O2 and Nitrate. 
 I've also used their CO2 kit which I _don't_ like.  I use the AP 
pHgeneral hardness and ammonia test kits, which both seem 
adequate.  I use Dupla's FE and PO tests, although I've heard 
there are better ones, and I'll probably try another brand when I 
use these up.  The Cu test I have is Kordon acu-tru.  I like these 
test kits, because they are pretty easy to read.  This doesn't 
mean there aren't better test kits around, but these are the ones 
I use currewntly, and they appear to be adequate for my purposes. 
 BTW, I don't do much testing anyway.
> I was also wondering if there was a significant difference in qu
> usefullness between the normal "drop" kits and the "paper strip"

The only ime I tried the stips, (happened to be Mardel) they were 
_wildly_ (IMO dangerously) inaccurate.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA