RE: Illegal laterite -an Aussie perspective

Just a note regarding the laterite notes coming out of the US at
present, there has always been a cordon on Dupla laterite being
imported into Australia, so Dupla digs the stuff up locally in the 
Northen Territory. Australia is close enough to the equator to
be tropical enough for laterite to occur, it seems strange to me
that other aquarium suppliers don't do the same and market a
similar product more reasonably priced, as the Dupla stuff is
in the order of AU$35.00 for a kilogram. 

There are two aquatic plant nurserys in Aussie though that 
have put products on the market, but these are balls to bury
into the gravel that contain laterite, a slow release tropical
fertiliser, and a selection of trace elements. One company is
in the Northern Territory and the other is in Northern Queensland.

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