Fw: Regulator woes

> From: paul lesniak <plesniak@ compusmart.ab.ca>
> To: bwvought at mailbox_syr.edu
> Subject: Regulator woes
> Date: December 3, 1996 10:06 PM
> Bryan,	
> 	About a year ago I built a CO2 system and it has worked wonderfully for
> me.  Off of a 5# bottle I used a two stage regulator; the bottle gauge
> 4000#, the second gauge (the regulated pressure gauge) was a 200#.
> 	I felt that the 200# gauge was a little bit too rough so I bought a 60#
> gauge and replaced the 200# gauge with it.
> 	Further down the line I put a needle valve with which I can squeeze the
> flow down to as little as a bubble every 2-3 seconds or as fast as I
> I regulate the pressure down to 8# and the system works great. I got the
> regulator for $25.00 at a surplus auction, it was brand new, regular
> about $80.00 Canadian.
> 		It surprises me that the welding shop cannot recommend a regulator for
> you, but I think if you look for what I've described, you should be quite
> pleased. If you would like to know more about this system let me know and
> can try and describe it in greater detail.
> 										Paul.Lesniak