CO2 Valves

Many people have sent me info on sources for CO2 valves and I feel
honor-bound to share them with the APD.  So, enjoy!

CO2 Needle Valves

For a better (although much more expensive) valve, try to locate a
a Nupro B-4MG2 valve.  

The following are retail sources of the B-4MG2 valve:

Denver Valve and Fitting Co.
950 Simms
Lakewood, CO  

They will send via UPS (at least they did at one time) and they
charged $35 plus $7 shipping some years ago.

Minnesota Valve & Fitting Co.
15901 West 78th St
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-5799
(612) 937-1160

They ship UPS and accept MasterCard over the phone.  Dave Thorsen is the
sales rep for western WI.

Pittsburg Valve and Fitting Co.
P.O. box 4155
49 Meade Ave
Bellevue, Pittsburgh
PA 15202
Ph: 412-761-3212
Fax: 412-761-2486

The ARO Model NO1 valve is obsolete, but there are replacements:

ARO Model FO1, NPT size 1/8", Grainger Stock No. 6ZC07, $8.43
ARO Model F02, NPT size 1/4", Grainger StocK No. 6ZC08, $11.30

Note: These prices are taken from the 1993 Grainger Cat. and have gone up
slightly. e.g. the F02 now costs $13.10.

Another valve that is being tried by Sanjay Joshi (no data yet) is:

Whitey, Model no. B-ORF2, Cost around $22.00 from the Pittsburg Valve
and Fitting Co.  (listed above).

Yi-Meng Yen (YYEN at biochem_medsch.ucla.edu) suggests this device:

I went out and bought a CO2 tank and the Victor Flow Regulator.  It
works like a charm.  The flow regulator is actually quite expensive
since it combines both a needle valve and the regular and a flow
gauge.  Apparently, the Victor company brand is about the best you can
buy.  It ended costing $120 for the regulator (this was the best price
I could find retail.)  The model number is HRF1425-320.