Test Kit Ranking...

I was planning to buy some test kits to be able to control better all the
chemical aspects of the water, but I have been overwhelmed by the amount of
different types, qualities and prices available (from the U$35 for Kordon
Master to the U$250 LaMotte Master Kit). As usual I imagine that more
expensive ones are of better quality but I am not sure how relevant this is
(can the measurings be very off the mark ???). Anyway, what I was thinking
was that if anybody had already tried with more than one brand he could
share his conclusions.

Some of the brands I have seen are:     1)fasTesT, 2)LaMotte, 3)Mersk,
4)Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, 5)Mardel, 6)Wardley, 7)Any other

I was also wondering if there was a significant difference in quality or
usefullness between the normal "drop" kits and the "paper strip" kits.

                Any help would be greatly appreiatted (especially by all my