Re: Trace element source

Mark Fisher writes....

>     Aquarium Pharmaceuticals has a product called Aquatic Plant Stimulant, 
>     which is "specially formulated with 6 of the most important elements 
>     for pond plant growth.  These elements include boron, zinc, copper, 
>     molybdenum and iron."
>     The label does not list the relative concentrations, but it must have 
>     chelated iron because it is an amber color, not rust.  It wouldn't 
>     surprise me if this is the famous chelated trace element mix in 
>     solution, packaged and marked up for a nice profit.
>     A 16 ounce bottle supposedly treats 9,600 gallons, and at $9 a bottle 
>     it appears to be a bargain.  I found it at Home Depot, in the pond 
>     section.  This could be a useful alternative to those who cannot 
>     locate the trace elements for PMDD (whether they have T-8 or T-12 
>     bulbs, rapid or instant-start ballasts :-)

I calculated the Chelated Trace Element Mix at about US$0.02 per 100 gallons
treated when bought in 2 kilo amounts.

James Purchase said....

>I was told the same thing here in Toronto about two weeks ago at a local
>pet store. I doubted it then and I doubt it now.

Just out of curiosity James, which shop was it?

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca