Disappearing "Illegal" laterite

It IS possible they really did pull Laterite off the shelves.  In most
states, there is a Department of Agriculture, similar to the Feds.  There are
some really tight rules on advertising and selling "growth supplements,
fertilizers, soil additives, etc."  There has been a good deal of fraud in
such areas, nationwide, but usually it is someone selling a farmer Ten
Thousand Dollars worth of worthless, but "with magic claims" fertilizer, weed
control, etc.  Or, the salesperson may be a walking herd of rocks. (  :-D  ) 

If you cannot get an intelligent answer from the store, you might check with
your State Dept. Of Agriculture.  (I noticed you are from Indiana, and they
have laws similar to Iowa's.  Most of the fertilizer laws are routinely
disregarded by the folks who package and sell aquarium fertilizers.  Not all,
but most.  A lot of Potash liquid supplements say on the bottle that the
source of Potassium (potash) is Potassium Chloride, which is common ice
melting salt.  I would imagine a five pound bag would probably be a lifetime
supply!! :-)  )

Good luck, hope this helps.