CO2 Regulator Suggestions Requested

Hi everyone,

O.K., I have read the FAQ, I've reviewed the archives, I've even started
to climb the walls! I'm trying to put together a CO2 system for my new
120G plant tank.

I can get the gas cylinder from a local hydroponics store and they can
refill it for me when necessary. They have a regulator but from
listening to the store personnel (they know nothing about fish) I
thought perhaps they were smoking something illegal, and I lack the
knowledge or confidence to go searching through welding supply looking
for odds and sods that MIGHT work.

In George Booth's FAQ on CO2 he recommends the Dupla Reactor S and their
Bubble counter. Fine, I can get those through Pet Warehouse. I have
about 50 feet of silicone tubing and intend to also order a Dupla check
valve from Pet Warehouse when I order the Reactor.

But that still leaves me needing a regulator and a needle valve. I shall
not need a solenoid, yet (this system will be manually operated, at
least until my American Express balance falls below my blood pressure

In the various FAQ's and postings in this list over the years, everyone
says that the Dupla regulator is overly expensive. But is it any GOOD?
From the specs, it appears to encorporate a needle valve, so I wouldn't
need to get a separate one (nor worry about finding adapters or fiddling
with things I know absolutely nothing about).

Is this true?

While looking thru Pet Warehouse's catalogue, I notice that they also
carry the Aqualine Regulator, for almost $100.00 less than the Dupla
one. The description states: 

Regular is a C02 control fixture for a predefined injection of carbon
dioxide into the aquarium.
Regular consists of the following: 
 pressure reducer 
 fine setting valve 
 dispenser control manometer 
 working pressure manometer 

Am I correct in thinking that this means that no separate needle valve
is required?

Finally, does anyone have any experience with EITHER the Dupla CO2
fitting alpha or the Aqualine regulator.


James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario
jpp at inforamp_net