Re: plants in discus tank

        I would like to thank George and Dionigi for suggestions on plants for
my discus tank.  

>My suggestion for your tank is to increase light (can you add a third tube?),

nope, can't add another tube to my current setup 8(

>use PMDD,

what is this stuff?

 possibly add CO2

will be doing that next week or so...

>How do you keep the pH low? Be careful because some acid
>buffers contain phosphates or silicates, and if you use them and  raise the
>light levels algae may become a problem (PMDD and CO2 may re-establish a
>favorable equilibrium).

My tap water is at Ph of 6.2 right now.  It goes up to about 6.7 in the
summer time.
I currently use absolutely no chemicals (other than dechlor) and my angels
and discus
are doing very well and spawning...