Anubias and Snails that Crunch

 Subject: Anubias 'Coffeafolia' and 'Frazeri'

> > From: "A. Inniss" <andrewi at u_washington.edu>
> > Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 16:23:18 -0800 (PST)
> > 	About a month ago, our store ordered and received a plant 
> > Anubias cofiafolia.  
> [summary: typical anubias barteri features, 7" tall, darker leav
> normal anubias, strikingly-indented leaves, rubharb red stems]

This sounds like a very good description of the plant to me.  I am 
_sure_ it is part of the A. barteri complex, whether it is a 
cultivar or a naturally occurring variant.  It is _not_ a true 
species, or even variety as recognized by Crusio. I've seen it 
spelled Coffeafolia, Coffeefolia, Coffeeafolia, and now this new 
spelling.  Your guess is as good as mine which one is correct. 
(BTW, named cultivars are written as 'Coffeefolia', not 
"Coffeefolia" just to be picky<g>)  I believe there's a photo of 
it in the AFM article if you want to compare what you have.

Whatever it is, it's one of the nicest Anubias for the aquarium 
with good color, compact growth and an iron clad constitution.  It 
flowers easily in the aquarium as well.

> OK, so anyone like to explain A. frazeri then?  My fiancee broug
> very large show specimens of this from Texas.  I'm assuming they
> another cross of some sort.  Hey, I should fire off some digital
> all these, since at least two of you have ID'd my mystery plant 

I've seen this name floating around to, but the plant you get when 
you order it is very variable.  Some look most like A. afzelli to 
me, others look more like A. barteri var. angustifolia.  I've 
never gotten the ones that look like Afzelli to flower, and the 
ones that look like A.b. var. angustifolia have, so I suspect 
there's more than one plant being sold under that name.


> I used to keep oscars and I feed them crickets and snails from m
> other tanks.  They make a nice crunching sound when eating them;
> sounds like someone eating potato chips.

As they say in "Lion King", (you can tell the age of my kids<g>) 
"slimy, yet satisfying!"<VBG>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA