Re:I.D. This Anubias; Tiger lotus; Is this true?

>From: "A. Inniss" <andrewi at u_washington.edu>
>Subject: I.D.This Anubias
>        About a month ago, our store ordered and received a plant called
>Anubias cofiafolia.

...........<description snipped>.........................

From your description it sounds like it is A. cofiafolia.  I don't have the
plant, but I do have Wasserpflanzen, by Kasselmann, and it has a picture
that fits your description with the ribbed leaves and the brownish-yellow
color of the newest leaf.  I highly recommend Wasserpflanzen even if you
have never had any exposure to German.  It has a very large selection of
plants, all illustrated with photos.

>From: alan at peewee_chinalake.navy.mil (Alan Van nevel)
>Subject: african tiger lotus question
>Are there any other factors, other than light intensity, in determining the
>types of leaves that an african tiger lotus puts out?  I have a 240 gal
>tank with only 380W of light, using a variety of full spectrum bulbs.
>Initially, the bulbs put out small leaves, and then after a short while,
>started producing floaters, which I snipped at the base.  After a few weeks
>of this, I got some nice submerged leaves, both red and green types.  But
>now they are producing more floaters.  ......<rest snipped>............

I think you basically have to keep the plant smaller than a certain size.
When it gets big enough and healthy enough, it starts putting out floaters.
Your plant is a testimonial to your good growing conditions.  I recommend
you cut the rhizome in half or in fourths and replant.  Continue to remove
any floating leaves.

>From: Zon Hisham Bin Zainal Abidin <zon at mad_scientist.com>
>Date: Sun, 03 Dec 1995 12:14:48 +0800
>Subject: Trickle Filtration vs Canister Filtration
>Are these true?
>1)Trickle filtration method will cause quick oxidation of iron.
>2)Use alot of CO2
>3)For planted tank, canister filtration is better than trickle
(1) Unless your water is almost anoxic (free of oxygen), unchelated,
soluble ferrous iron compounds will oxidize pretty quickly and precipitate
out anyway, trickle filter or no trickle filter.  That is why chelated iron
compounds are so popular or why people try to provide iron by way of soil
or laterite under the gravel where anoxic conditions make the iron soluble.

(2) CO2 additions can cause faster growth of a lot of plants that will do
all right without CO2 fertilization.  It is great for speeding up growth of
slow-growing plants like crypts and Anubias, if that is what you want.  CO2
additions can result in the need for more frequent pruning and a more rapid
depletion of nutrients.  On the other hand, without CO2 addition, sometimes
plants that can remove bicarbonate from the water can lower the CO2 content
so much that plants without this ability lose out entirely in the
competition for CO2.  When that happens, you will probably discover that
you have a pH over 8.
(3) canister filtration doesn't flush out as much CO2 as trickle filtration

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