Anubias "Coffeafolia"

> From: "A. Inniss" <andrewi at u_washington.edu>
> Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 16:23:18 -0800 (PST)
> 	About a month ago, our store ordered and received a plant called
> Anubias cofiafolia.  

[summary: typical anubias barteri features, 7" tall, darker leaves than
normal anubias, strikingly-indented leaves, rubharb red stems]

> 	To my question: the other day a customer walked in (that wasn't
> you, was it Erik?),

Small world, isn't it? :)  

>and expressed some doubt to one of my fellow employees 
> concerning the plant's posted i.d. I could only tell him that it had come
> in as a cofiafolia, but I hadn't been able to verify the species name,
> because I hadn't found any info. on it, much less a picture. Since then
> I've really begun to wonder about this beautiful plant.  Can anyone either
> confirm that what I've described is indeed an A. cofiafolia, or tell me
> what it is if not a cofiafolia, or even suggest good plant id sources?

I'm sure Karen (AFM article) has a positive answer for this (in fact, I
was going to get around to asking the list myself!).  I checked all my
plant books last weekend, to no avail.  One of them shows it as A. 
barteri, but it's a top view only so you can't see the stems.  I looked it
up on the Krib (see, I didn't start that site for all of YOU guys, I
started it as a way to keep all of my saved usenet postings organized! :),
and after reading the following tidbits I'm pretty sure that your ID *IS*
correct, but maybe just needs to be labeled in quotations.. Anubias
"coffeafolia".. From Karl Schoeler: 

	"A. coffeeafolia is not mentioned in the revision, however I
	believe it to be a cross of A. barteri var. caladiifolia and
	A. barteri var. nana."

In a reply, Karen agreed with the above point as well, saying it's
probably cultivated.

OK, so anyone like to explain A. frazeri then?  My fiancee brought me two
very large show specimens of this from Texas.  I'm assuming they're
another cross of some sort.  Hey, I should fire off some digital photos of
all these, since at least two of you have ID'd my mystery plant from
yesterday! (Thanks)

  - Erik

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