Re: Far-Red light for plants

> Perhaps some of those Kodak
> photographic filters might be good for a far red filter.  Light at 730 is
> getting close to the edge of the range for human vision.  I found that
> Carolina Biological Supply has a far red filter, but, in the size I want,
> it is too expensive.


If you think that the Biological Supply Company has high prices, wait
till you talk to Kodak! The problem with their Wrattan Gelatin Filters
is that they are optically almost perfect (they are meant to be that way
for photography) and as a result are very expensive in the sizes you
would need.

A cheaper source would be a theatrical lighting supply company. They
sell coloured gels meant to be placed in front of lights and they are
relatively cheap.

When I was a senior in High School (~1972), we carried out experiments
in Biology Lab about the effects of various light wavelengths on the
growth of seedlings. Interesting but a bit esoteric for aquarium use.

James Purchase