Re: Laterite to be made illegal?

Hi everyone,

Cindy in South Bend asked in issue #357 about the possibility of Dupla
laterite being pulled from store shelves as it was now illegal.

I was told the same thing here in Toronto about two weeks ago at a local
pet store. I doubted it then and I doubt it now. As least in my case, I
was asking about purchasing some Dupla products at the store (they used
to carry the complete line). I guess that due to low sales, they no
longer do so, and the salesman tried to sell me Terrapure, a gravel
additive from Aqualine. When I declined to buy something that didn't
list its contents on the package, he said that if I wanted laterite I'd
soon be out of luck due to a change in the law which was coming next

This is the same store that claims they no longer carries Tropica brand
plants because the fish room manager doesn't like the salesman.

No wonder I shop mail order!

James Purchase
jpp at inforamp_net