re: What Plants for Discus Tank?

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Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 11:04:14 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: What plants for discus tank?
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Subject: What plants for discus tank?>>>>>

I have good results with E. paniculatus, E. horemanni, N. lotus, Mayaca
fluviatilis, Hygrophila sp., Cabomba sp., various floating plants. My main
tank (180 gal) was set up 18 months ago: water parameters for hardness and
alkalinity are similar, but I keep my discus a little warmer (86 deg.
Farenheit) and at a slightly higher pH (~6.8). I might have more light, and
I have CO2 injection. I fertilize the water with PMDD in moderate amounts.
E. tenellus does not do well mainly because of insufficient  light levels at
the bottom. I did not have lasting success with Vallisneria sp., Sagittaria
sp., Java fern, onion plants: the water is too soft and warm, I guess. My
suggestion for your tank is to increase light (can you add a third tube?),
use PMDD, possibly add CO2 (you may try to see first how it goes just with
more light). How do you keep the pH low? Be careful because some acid
buffers contain phosphates or silicates, and if you use them and  raise the
light levels algae may become a problem (PMDD and CO2 may re-establish a
favorable equilibrium).