I.D.This Anubias

	About a month ago, our store ordered and received a plant called
Anubias cofiafolia.  It has typical Anubias features and growyh pattern.
(I am using Anubias barteri barteri as a model of Anubias typicality
here:-)). It's about 7" tall so far, w/ leaves about the size of a mature
barteri barteri. Leaves are perhaps darker green than the avg. Anubias,but
more striking is the depth of the leaves' veins' indentations. (Hmm, what
an awkward sentence construction that was;-)).  The leaves appear almost
undulate, esp. from the side.  The stems are a rather striking contrast to
the deep green leaves: they are what I would call a deep rhubarb red. (My
Farlowella better not get any ideas, the rhubarb analogy notwithstanding)! 
Also, though this is perhaps just an illusion caused by colour contrast
with the mature leaves, the two new leaves that have formed since I bought
it were initially an incredibly sickly yellow colour, looking like some
kind of anemic excuse for a healthy leaf. I'm used to seeing pale new
leaves in Anubias plants, but sheesh!  They have both, btw turned out just
fine, gradually acquiring the same deep green colour as the mature leaves.
	To my question: the other day a customer walked in (that wasn't
you, was it Erik?),and expressed some doubt to one of my fellow employees 
concerning the plant's posted i.d. I could only tell him that it had come
in as a cofiafolia, but I hadn't been able to verify the species name,
because I hadn't found any info. on it, much less a picture. Since then
I've really begun to wonder about this beautiful plant.  Can anyone either
confirm that what I've described is indeed an A. cofiafolia, or tell me
what it is if not a cofiafolia, or even suggest good plant id sources?

				The Drew-ed  
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