Pond Snails

Paul Lesniak wrote in concerning pond snails and possible damage
to his plants.


I am not so sure that the pond snails will consume your healthy
plants, but they are prolific breeders and will soon overwhelm your
tank if you don't do something about them.  Of course, they are
probably less of a problem in a 130 gallon tank than in my 20 gallon,
but I would still make every effort to keep their population in check.
One of the reasons I recently tore my tank down and thoroughly
cleaned it was because of a pond snail infestation.  They seemed so
cute at first.   In spite of performing a bleach dip on my new plants
when they arrived (all of them are doing very well thanks to the
combined wisdom of the list), I still have noticed an occasional pond
snail in the aquarium.  When I do see one I crush it against the glass
and give my fish an escargot appetizer :)

Jonathan Kirschner