Planted Discus Tank - Amazonian Light

I've been watching this list for a while now and am a little blinded by the science involved in plants at this 'expert' level.  I'm about to set
up a 125 gallon tank primarily for discus, which come from the amazon. 
I will be getting in some plants for it, and have three questions;

1.  Who is a good supplier of this type of plants, including red-leafed

2.  Will the plants fare well if I pot-plant them instead of planting
them in the substrate, and is an oversized pot recommended for root
growth room?

3.  I'll have either 4 or 8 x 4' light slots (depending on whether I
purchase the extra strip with the tank).  What lights would you
recommend for these slots, bearing in mind they will have to illuminate
fish colour as well as help propagate the plants?


nickedmunds at juno_com