Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #356

> From: "shaji (s.) bhaskar" <bhaskar at nortel_ca>
> There seems to be some mix-up in terminology here. 
> To set the context - both bulbs *and* ballasts are classified as
> either instant-start or rapid-start. Most combinations of ballasts
> and bulbs will work:
>                          Instant-start bulb    Rapid-start bulb
>                        -----------------------------------------
> Instant-start ballast  |        OK            |      OK        |
>                        -----------------------------------------
> Rapid-start ballast    |     WON'T WORK       |      OK        |
>                        -----------------------------------------
> Rapid-start bulbs have two pins at each end, while instant-start bulbs
> have only one pin at each end.  What Erik is using is apparently an
> instant-start ballast with rapid-start bulbs.

Are you sure 'bout that?  I wonder if the two pins in the T-8 48" bulbs
are there just because a 1-pin 48" mounting doesn't really exist.  (Note
this is pure speculation; I have no facts to back this up, at least until
I go talk to my local lighting people).  Are folks using rapid-start
ballasts with T-8's?

Anyway, it sounds like (from Greg's point) that it won't matter at 12-hour
ON times, so I won't run and replace all my ballasts today. :)

  - Erik

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