CO2 tanks w/regulators

I may be in a position to pick up a few CO2 tanks (various sizes from
5 lb to 25 lb) with a two stage regulator. Anybody interested?
I'm hoping the price to be under $100 for the big tank and well under
$100 for the smaller. All used material but hydro tested within 5 years.

If you're interested, please let me know. You're not committed to buying,
and I don't have the tanks at the moment. I just want to know how many
are interested so I can talk to this guy.  Please specify if you desire
the larger size tanks or the smaller size tank.

If and when this deal goes through, you'll be responsible for all
shipping costs. After all, they can be pretty heavy. All tanks will
be shipped empty.

For your information, a 5 lb tank cost about $7 to refill and lasted
me over a year at one bubble per second.