Short night plants, etc

Paul Krombholz' explanation of short night versus long night plants is
entirely correct, and _very well stated._  (Thanks, Paul, it saved me from
looking the entire subject up again.  I used to teach this to Extension
Service audiences, but it has been quite a few years and I didn't want to
goof up the explanation.) 

To find deep red bulbs or filters - 
(a) Try a photo shop. Many black-and-white photographic films and papers used
to be totally insensitive to red light, hence both pure deep red bulbs and
deep red filters for "safe lights" were used.  

(b) A 9-watt deep red "compact fluorescent" bulb is available. I got some at
Mail Order Pet Shop.  I have NOT checked to see if they would trigger plant
flowering, but they do seem to work pretty well if you just want to see what
the night-active fish are doing. 

Hope this helps.